Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka photo diary

I’ve been looking forward to visiting Sri Lanka for little over a year now, I was due to visit this time last year after my 5 month India trip but unfortunately due to family stuff at home I had to miss my flight and go back to the UK instead. Since then Sri Lanka was the country that I was itching to get to the most and now that I’ve finally been I can 100% say that it did not disappoint.




It thundered pretty much the whole time I was in Marissa, all day every day, but I didn’t let that stop me from going to the beach to play in the water. The waves here in Marissa get quite big which I love to dive in to and quite often end up getting washed up on the shore in a tangled mess.

Mirissa is quite a touristic beach with lots of resorts and restaurants lined along the sand. Every night there was a beach party which one bar per night holds, you just have to follow the big laser in the sky to find the party.




Unawatuna ❀

Sooooooo many people on my travels have told me Unawatuna was their favourite place in Sri Lanka so it was a bit of a no brainer for me to visit. It’s super close to visit Jungle beach and Galle only about 10 minutes by scooter so I managed to tie all three areas in to one. I booked into The Dutch Hostel for 3 nights and fell so in love with the area that I ended up staying for 9!!!! The Dutch Hostel has a great vibe and I left there having made some life long friends. Tuesday’s here were my favourite night out for the rooftop party.

Dalawella beach. Just a short walk from The Dutch Hostel


Unawatuna beach
Photo 08-03-2017, 16 15 21
The Dutch Hostel


After Unawatuna I got the train back to Colombo for the night before I got my train up to Ella. The train journeys here are some of the most beautiful in the world, if you’re travelling south you have scenic views of the coasts and deep blue waters. If you travel inland the train meanders through the mountains and tea plantations making the 10 hour journey more than worth while. (Note: Charge your camera/go pro/ phone before the train journey, everything of mine was dead so had to use my phone sparingly! Face palm!)

Photo 09-03-2017, 16 11 08

Photo 09-03-2017, 19 52 40

Photo 09-03-2017, 19 23 40

Photo 09-03-2017, 16 11 03


After all the madness, beach parties and hot weather from the south I was really excited to get to Ella, not only to relax but for a bit of cooler weather. As I’ve said before on a previous post I never used to be the most out doorsy type of person but since Nepal I have come around to the idea a lot more and need an excuse to go out and exercise! There is a few different hikes that you can do around the area and I ended up doing Little Adam’s Peak and Ella’s Rock (in the thunder and lighting again!)

Ella’s Rock before the thunder started
Little Adam’s Peak
Ravana Falls

My favourite sight that I saw in Ella was 9 Arch Bridge, trains don’t run here very often so to get a picture of the trains crossing the bridge you need to get your timings right to get there. I nearly missed the first train because I got lost trying to find the bridge (surprise surprise!) so I stayed for a few hours and waited for the next train to come. By the time it did come the rain was so heavy that I couldn’t even get my camera out anyway! But I found the view here so beautiful that I was happy I stayed and took it all in.



After Ella I had to head back to Colombo to catch my flight to Malaysia. I didn’t really venture out in Colombo as I’m not always keen on the bigger cities and wanted to take the opportunity to shut off for a day or two. But what I did come across was an amazing Organic Cafe called Good Market, it catered to vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. I wish I had known about this place sooner as I only found it the day I was leaving and it was a welcome change to the carby Kottu that had been my diet most of the trip.

Photo 14-03-2017, 15 41 27

8 thoughts on “Sri Lanka photo diary

      1. Do you think 2 weeks is an OK amount of time to get a taste for Sri Lanka? Or would I be better of doing 6 weeks in India rather than 4 in India and 2 in Sri Lanka? πŸ™‚ I really want to visit both!


      2. Both countries are incredible, India is so big that even after 6 months there I haven’t seen it all, so it really depends on how much of India you want to see my lovely? 2 weeks is a good amount of time to get a taste of Sri Lanka if you spend 3-4 days in each area πŸ˜„ Hope this helps babe any questions send them my way 😘


      3. Thanks so much! I’ll have to do my research and really look into what I want to do/see and if I have enough time to do what I want in that time. Looking to go during Holi πŸ™‚ But thank you! You have helped a lot!!


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